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ATM Diagnostics Market Today

The different manufacturers all have their own software which is very difficult to use and is not available for every service provider because the software is locked.

Our Solution “One Fits All” diagPRO

diagPRO is the first multi-vendor diagnostic software for ATMs, designed for use on ATMs from different manufacturers

CEN/XFS is a worldwide software standard used in the ATM industry.

Remote Capable In the future, the diagPRO agent will supply existing monitoring systems with service data.

diagPRO Stick with a special USB stick, the highest level of security is guaranteed.

Multivendor Diagnostic: One fits all! For all ATM Vendors you will be able to use one tool.

Intuitive user interface Easy to use with many graphics and a traffic light principle.

Client Server Architecture Designed to work on tablets and mobile devices in the future.

Windows Based for seamlessly embedding in the banking industry.

Modular Concept

diagPRO is equipped with a modular rights management! This allows extensions of functions or additional components without changing the software on the agent or the diagPRO stick.

Available Versions

In order to be able to respond to different customer environments and customer wishes, there are three different versions of diagPRO. The ATM embedded version is used on the ATM. The diagPRO bootable version is started via the USB stick and comes with its own Windows operating system. With the notebook direct connect version, components are tested via the technician's notebook using a USB cable.

Overview Product License diagPRO

The current version supports the manufacturer Diebold Nixdorf with its products ProCashand CINEO. In the future Opteva and Diebold Series will be supported, followed by ATMs from NCR.

Future Development

To offer the service technicians the best possible support, diagPRO is constantly being developed further and receives helpful new functions with each new version. For example, he is already supported in the search for spare parts and in the future, tablets or mobile phones can be used for diagnostics.

Release Version of diagPRO WN

New User Interface

New Intuitive User Interface
Easy to use with many graphics
Traffic Light Principle

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