diagATM Diagnostics and ATM Solutions

diagATM GmbH is providing ATM software solutions and diagnostic tools for the banking industries. The ATM software and the diagnostic software are based on CEN/XFS. CEN/XFS is a hardware independent software layer which is supported by all major ATM supplier.

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diagATM was founded in September 2018 by Ekkehard Fabel and Guido Walther.

Mr. Ekkehard Fabel, who has worked for many years for the manufacturer of self-service systems NCR in management, founded his own company in 2001. ATM Services has made a name for itself worldwide with the product ATMdesk. ATMdesk is a diagnostic software for NCR ATMs. ATM Services has an extensive customer base and extensive expertise in multivendor service.

Mr. Guido Walther was responsible for the worldwide support of the technicians and the service-oriented development of the products at Diebold Nixdorf in the area of service. Numerous processes for service technicians have been developed in this task. In cooperation with the development, the products were adapted to the needs of service technicians and under his responsibility all spare parts for Wincor Nixdorf were defined and introduced into the service.

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