Give our customers access to justice!

Always ask yourself, "What's in it for the customer?" and give our customers a voice. Be the experienced, older brother of our customers. Give our clients professional support and convince them of our abilities. Our service is worth the price because we go the extra mile. Fight creatively for a fair treatment of consumers.

Be brave & show courage!

Take wise risks and be courageous. Say what you think, even if it's controversial. Overcome boundaries and do not give up. Use opportunities and do not wait until you are told what to do.

Get it done & deliver!

Colleagues can rely on you for keeping promises. Take things step by step and take responsibility for the end result. Prioritize what's best for the business. Make decisions based on facts without over-analyzing.

Work & grow together!

Treat others with respect. Be open and honest with others and with yourself. Create a working atmosphere in which your colleagues like to come to work. Take care of the development of your colleagues, share your knowledge and support them. Give direct feedback, not just to the things we need to improve, but to all things we're strong in. Be ready to leave your comfort zone.

Make mistakes & learn!

Continue to improve your work. Test fast and frequently to learn with the least possible effort. Accept that mistakes can happen. Communicate errors quickly and proactively. Be reliable and eliminate your mistakes. Make sure that a mistake does not repeat itself in the future. Exchange experiences and celebrate success across teams.

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